Since we first met at university, we've been discussing how to find the loveliest clothes. Whilst we were supposed to be studying economics and engineering, we instead sat around eating bread and jam and admiring each other’s pretty tops.

Sixteen years later we once again found ourselves talking about clothes – but this time for our four little girls. We decided to stop boring everyone and set up a tiny designer novelty label, if only to satisfy our own desire for gorgeous and wearable clothes for our kids. 

Bread and Jam was born. We got a handful of little dresses made in 2009 - and were accosted by strangers in supermarkets desperate to get their hands on one.

So we’ve focused on the dresses for now – keeping to one style for each season, in an assortment of beautiful printed cottons. Runs are small so you can be pretty sure you won't see other people wearing your dress. Unless you live near us - our children never stop wearing them.

Sofia Dyson and Lisa Swerling